The time has arrived for a dynamic shift in the traditional auto body repair experience. A higher standard. A more personal environment. A model inspired by OEM standards and a relentless focus on Quality.

Simply put, it’s time to elevate the industry.  

Welcome to Quality Collision Group. A new way to experience trusted and certified collision repair service. 

Quality Collision Group is a growing national owner and operator of OEM-certified collision repair centers. We believe in building a new MSO model with an unrelenting focus on quality, OEM compliance and certifications. Founded in 2020 and backed by Susquehanna Private Capital, the bedrock of our business is an obsession with quality – Quality repairs. Quality people. Quality service. Quality experience. Quality Collision Group.

This is Quality Collision Group

Quality. It’s who we are; a namesake that we don’t take lightly and the common thread underscoring everything we do. If that same drive defines you and your team, we invite you to consider selling your shop to us. Quality Collision Group’s goal is to build the largest MSO by acquiring like minded successful OEM and DRP collision shops.

Why us

Quality Collision Group is actively expanding its industry footprint, with a strategic focus on all major U.S. collision repair markets. 

The Quality Collision Group is on a steady course to create a dynamic shift in the collision repair industry by building a different type of MSO. So, we are selective in our process to identify the unique teams who embody our mission and values, and who complete our rigorous partnership selection process. We believe this fundamental shift will propel Quality Collision Group to building the largest MSO repair company in the world.

We are a national buying entity looking to expand by acquiring successful OEM and DRP collision shops. If you’re interested in selling your shop, click the “sell your shop” button below and let us know by sending us a message and filling out the information below.

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At Quality Collision Centers, we are fueled by a bold mission and guided by aspirational values. Together, these principles inspire our teams across the country to redefine the traditional auto body repair experience, and build a network of repair centers that will reshape an industry.


We obsess over details because quality is our namesake.


We drive results for our repair centers because we are one team.


We earn the trust of our customers by backing our word with our work.


We strive together towards one vision.


We never compromise any aspect of the repair experience. Period.


Quality Collision Group exists to deliver best-in-class repairs and exceptional customer experiences while providing a world-class teammate culture.

Our vision is to redefine an industry where safety and quality are never compromised and the best repair choice is the only choice.
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